Based in The Netherlands at -1m in a polder, PolderPowerrr creates games for the rest of the world.

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March 27th 2014

 Good news for all the Kubika-fans. The multiplayer game mode, which is included as an in-app purchase item, is available for free for a limited time. So get your friends together and play this game simultaneously by the use of Apple's GameCenter. Who's best in annoying others?




June 07th 2013

Share your thoughts with PolderPowerrr and use your ideas to influence the development of a new game. This game will be developed together with the community. So, what are you waiting for?  Go to the Facebook page of PolderPowerrr and shout!



April 12th 2013

Today version 2.0 of the tile-matching puzzle game Kubika has been released. The major change in this update is the introduction of a multiplayer gamemode. Drag&Drop 2P is the two player version of Drag&Drop.

Besides the fact that Kubika became a multiplayer tile-matching puzzle app, it is also newsworthy that it became a free app. For a limited time Kubika will be available for free on the AppStore. See Kubika in action on its game page